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Name: Bella Shavit
Phone: 04-887-5924

Getting to the Technion: Maps

Getting to the Technion: From Ben-Gurion Airport to Haifa

By Train

There is now a train service from the airport to Haifa. The fare is about 40NIS one way. Sunday through Thursday, between 05:00 and 23:00 the trains run about every half hour, between 23:00 and 5:00 every hour. Fridays they run only in the morning, and Saturdays only in the late evening. You can check the train schedule at the Israel Railways Web Site. The most convenient station for Technion is “Hof HaCarmel”, from where you can take a bus (NO. 11) or a taxi (see below) or a shuttle (No. 11).

By Taxi

There is a taxi stand outside the airport. The fare for a private taxi to the Technion is about 400NIS ($100).


There is a shuttle which will take you from the terminal to the taxi rank and city shuttle stations. Ask for the shuttle “Amal” to Haifa. The fare is 56NIS and the driver will take you to your destination (hotel, Technion Guest House, Technion physics department, etc).

Getting to the Technion: Entering the Technion by Car

Give your host your car number, model and color and your estimated time of arrival and ask him/her to fax the security entry form to the main (west) or east gate. (Map of Technion campus). If you are attending a conference, then the program you have printed from the Physics website constitutes an entry permit.

Directions from Tel Aviv

Take route #2 north. Take the first exit AFTER the Atlit interchange, and before the bridge. The exit is near the MATAM research park and has a sign to the Technion. You then make a right turn at the T junction (mandatory) and then a left at the next traffic light, following the sign to the Technion.Stay on this road (called Fleiman and then Freud) for about 4Km, until you reach a T junction with a traffic light. Turn left and immediately right at the next light into Pica Road. Follow this road for about 1.5 Km, and bear right after the gas station. After about 1 Km take the left lane where the road goes under a tunnel. Bear right just before the next traffic light into Komoi Street and then i bear to the left at the following light. After 200 meters or so you’ll be at the main Technion (west) gate (Map – Getting to Technion From South).

Directions from North and West

Follow the signs to the Technion through Nesher (Map – Getting to Technion from North/West).

Once through the gate continue straight, turn left at the circle and continue straight until you reach another circle. The building on your left is the Industrial Engineering & Management building.

Getting to the Technion: By Buses in Haifa

Take an intercity bus to the Haifa Hof Hacarmel bus station. Take bus no. 11 This bus brings you right into the Technion Campus. It runs frequently throughout the day. You can check the bus schedule at Egged Web site.

We recommend that you take a taxi from the bus station to Technion, as the bus can take 3/4 hour in the morning peak hours, whereas a taxi is much quicker. There is also a sherut (shared taxi) service which will bring you into the Technion and is cheaper than a private taxi.

Getting to the Technion: By Taxi in Haifa

The taxi fare from Haifa Hof Hacarmel Bus Station to the Technion is approximately 30 NIS. Ask the driver to operate the meter, and ask him to take you to the main Technion gate and then use the car instructions as above to reach the Technion Industrial Engineering & Management Department.

Inside the Technion

  1. Continue straight to the Technion campus on the left hand lane entering through the main Technion gate.
  2. At the traffic circle turn right and continue up until you reach a stop sign.
  3. Turn left at the stop sign and about 300m ahead you’ll see two buildings on your right – the second is Industrial Engineering & Management.